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Our company is positioned with leading Suppliers in the market, serving customers with the best and finest PTFE Tube. Advanced shipping services, well-planned and organized facilities; we are flexible in presenting the product range with utmost safety.


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The evolution of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) from a niche product used only in high-value applications to a main stream requirement has been very gradual. However, over the past two decades PTFE Tube usage seems to have crossed a critical mass, allowing it to be come commercially viable in industrial, consumer and medical applications.

PTFE tubing is now emerging as the key growth area.

The use of PTFE Tubing has spread across various applications :

  • Automotive : The ability of PTFE to with stand temperatures in excess of 250C makes it an ideal candidate for high temperature fluid transfer.
  • Medical : PTFE Tubing is in huge demand due to its lubricity and chemical inertness. PTFE tubing can be inserted into the human body without fear of reaction or abrasion with any body parts.
  • Chemical : PTFE is an ideal replacement for glass due to its inertness and durability.
  • Electrical : The excellent di-electric properties of PTFE makes it well suited for insulating high voltage cables.
  • Size : PTFE Tubes are available in as small as 0.2mm in Inner Diameter with having wall thickness from 0.8mm to 3mm, and 28mm in Outer Diameter.


Size OD: 0.5mm to 100mm | ID: 0.2mm to 95mm
Type Extruded
Brand Name Sol Tubes
Material PTFE
Thickness 0.2mm to 5mm
Length As per Requirement
Place of Origin India
Materials PTFE
Temperature -250 to +250