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PTFE Fillers

One-stop destination for presenting quality PTFE Fillers, we are a notable supplier in this field. Headquartered in Mumbai (India), we are a renowned name presenting a huge gamut of products.

Standard PTFE Fillers :

  • Glass Fiber : Increases compressive strength, rigidity and wear, Reduces creep and cold flow. Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties.
  • Carbon : increases compressive strength, hardness, wear, and load properties. Good chemical resistance. Various types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity.
  • MOS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) : Increases hardness, stiffness, and wear Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties.
  • Bronze : Increases hardness and wear resistance increase dimensional stability and compressive strength not suitable for corrosive or electrical applications.
  • Graphite : Reduces coefficient of friction. Reduces initial wear, Increases strength.
  • Size :
    • Filled products are available in standards sizes.


Rods 20mmDia to 300mm in Dia in 300mm length.
Sheets 300~1000 (L&W) & 3mm to 100mm in thickness.
Outer Diameter 12-15mm
Thickness 0.5mm-1mm
Temperature Range 200 to 880 degree
Compressibility (%) 8%