PTFE and Its Diverse Applications

June, 05, 2015

An element discovered accidently during a weight measuring test in 1938, led to some revolutionary changes in the industrialized world. The element discovered was polymerized perfluoroethylene or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as it is more commonly known. At room temperature it appears as a white solid, which can be given the shape of sheets, rods, fabric and balls etc. The reasons behind terming its discovery as revolutionary are the highly useful properties of this thermoplastic polymer. Chemical inertness, flexibility, excellent dialectic properties and hydrophobic nature are some of these properties. Let us read ahead and find out about the various industries where it finds application.

Petrochemical and chemical processing: PTFE is corrosion resistant and chemically inert. It shows no effects when contacted with any acid or caustic material and functions even at high temperatures as 500 degrees F. Thus, it is the preferred material for making pump interiors, seals, spacers, gaskets, vessel linings and well-drilling components.

Electrical applications: The dielectric strength of PTFE is matched by very few elements known to mankind. It is used extensively for wires and cable wraps, between conductive surfaces in capacitors. The material can offer insulation against 500 volts per mil and some variants of it have higher capacities too. PTFE can be installed into standstill insulators, and diverse kinds of encapsulation devices for electrical components where the voltage in use is high.

Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries: As PTFE does not react and has a good tolerance for high temperatures, its virgin variants have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used in food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. The material is hence used for making inner linings of baking and drying ovens. PTFE is also used for other heated segments where the growth of bacteria and other microbes needs to be prevented.

Other: Owing to its fairly high heat resistance and hydrophobic nature, PTFE is best known for its use as a coating for non-stick cookware. It is one of the oldest uses of this material, discovered by French engineer Marc Gregoire in 1954.

On a smaller scale, it is also used in bearing pads and some laboratory applications. Having such wide applicability, the material is manufactured in almost every country. You can also find several PTFE Products Suppliers in Maharashtra, India, offering it in different forms like sheets, and rods. So, if your industry needs any of PTFE’s superior properties, contact a supplier today to know how it can be of use for you.

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